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Proven Strategies solves problems that resist solutions marketed in prepackaged programs. We accomplish this objective of improving your performance by using the Transformative Process for change. This model has been well researched and validated. Depending on your specific situation we will tailor a combination of resources for change. Results Guaranteed

Please look around the site to learn more about the Transformative Process then give us a call. You will not find general training programs for sale. What you will find is a process for change designed to get you improved performance quickly for a reasonable fee.  This is possible because YOU are the focus…not a  prepackaged program.


The word transformation has become overused and generalized. So much so, that it has lost significance in change efforts. The key question that is rarely asked, and usually never answered; is actually the turning point for producing high performance systems. What specifically needs to transform to produce increased profits?

If your business is seeking greater success, you will need a shared vision of this ideal future for your organization plus a strong dedication to this endeavor.  Let Proven Strategies help you to create:

  • Peace of Mind
  • Bigger Profits
  • Clear Strategic Plan
  • Quality Customers
  • Effective Sales and Marketing Plans
  • Measurable Growth
  • High Team Productivity
  • Highly Effective Management Team


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Mike Nordbye is the founder of Proven Strategies, a business and management development firm. Recognizing that companies and situations are unique, Mike adapts "Best in Class" management strategies to produce measurable results quickly for his clients.