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Proven Strategies organizational programs emerged in 2004 from Learn to Succeed workshops for sales teams. These workshops were designed as high impact programs targeted at delivering core concepts in less time than traditional seminars for less cost to produce a higher return on the investment.

The Proven Strategies model developed from well established strategies to improve performance by starting with the people responsible for generating the productivity while remaining keenly focused on the profits for the organization. The result produced “Simply Unique Solutions” founded on highly practical, research-based solutions for real world challenges.

The ROI has remained the primary focal point for all models used in the consulting and training programs.

Now in 2012 the Paradox Consulting and Coaching program is leading the charge into a new generation of education and training. This platform will lead you to access and implement solutions that will immediately impact bottom line performance. The “Simply Unique Solutions” are illuminated so quickly that you will know if this program is for you in less than an hour. Enjoy the benefits of the Paradox 1.0 workshop today.

Proven Strategies provides a wide range of customized services focused on bottom line results. You will want your accountant to list our workshops on the asset side of your balance sheet, not under expenses.

Our Objective: Deliver a Service that is one of the Best Investments You Make All Year!



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Mike Nordbye is the founder of Proven Strategies, a business and management development firm. Recognizing that companies and situations are unique, Mike adapts "Best in Class" management strategies to produce measurable results quickly for his clients.