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You are at the right place at the right time to discover solutions for those business problems that resist pre-packaged programs.

Proven Strategies knows how to solve your dilemma. Our philosophy, methodology, and practices will provide “Simply Unique Solutions” to transform your business systems so your People improve the Productivity that increases your Profits. Results Guaranteed!

Rather than selling prepackaged programs, we focus on the unique problem confronting you. Proven Strategies uses validated principles and practical solutions to the “real world” challenges affecting your business. You benefit from affordable solutions that transform your business results.

In the Spirit of Success,
Mike Nordbye, Ph.D.
Principal Consultant



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Mike Nordbye is the founder of Proven Strategies, a business and management development firm. Recognizing that companies and situations are unique, Mike adapts "Best in Class" management strategies to produce measurable results quickly for his clients.